Honestly, do boys prefer girls with or without makeup?


Betzalel Shapiro

18-year-old boy here. Personally, I think a girl with tasteful makeup applied is absolutely beautiful. I think of it as I would of her general fashion sense. I can appreciate a girl better when she has her own defined style, and her cosmetics can add to that.

That said, in many cases, I do not feel a girl necessarily needs makeup. There’s something to be said about the natural beauty that is, well, natural beauty. A beautiful girl will still be beautiful whether she chooses to use makeup or not.

Can it be nice? If well measured and tasteful, then yes. One hundred percent. However, I can still just as easily appreciate a girl without makeup.

That’s my view.

Matthew Hemmings

Okay, so guys say they prefer a girl without makeup or without a lot of makeup. Problem is, girls are routinely harassed on the internet because they showed pictures of themselves without makeup.

Some men have even taken to telling others to take a girl swimming on the first date to show what she looks like without makeup. They even call wearing makeup ‘false advertising’. Remember when Alicia Keys was ridiculed for not wearing makeup?

I remember a viral trend came up where some men shared pictures of women who they thought weren’t wearing makeup and saying that was the ideal. The kicker: every one of those girls had makeup on, even if it was some slight mascara.

So, I think most men prefer women who have some light makeup, but they need at least some.

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